About Us

Legacy FORTRAN code maintenance is central to the scientific computing and programming services FORTRAN Expert provides to the mathematics, science and engineering communities. Services include consultation, refactoring, optimisation, parallel and distributed processing, mixed language programming, algorithm development, numerical analysis and FORTRAN in the cloud.

Legacy FORTRAN code is still a key component (the computational engine) in the majority of scientific and engineering software. This covers scientific and engineering software involved not only in research and development activities but also in a wide range of mission critical and commercially viable activities.

We are a group of mathematicians, scientists, engineers and software specialists with extensive experience of using FORTRAN in mathematical, scientific, and engineering computing. These combination of individuals is vital to the services we provide with software engineers bringing their expertise in software engineering practices and mathematicians, scientists and engineers providing domain expertise.

We have over 25 years of experience using FORTRAN in the development of modelling and simulation applications including road traffic networks and oil & gas infrastructure reliability, availability and maintainability modelling. Modern FORTRAN features and latest software development techniques are used extensively to enable legacy FORTRAN code readability, maintainability, extensibility, optimisation, parallelisation, interoperability, scalability and portability.

We keep abreast of FORTRAN language improvement and modernisation through membership of the British Computer Society (BCS) and the BCS FORTRAN Specialist Group. We also follow closely the activities of the BCS DevSecOps Specialist Group, BCS Software Practice Advancement (SPA) Group, BCS Software Testing Group and developments in high performance computing .

You can join our team or contribute to the FORTRAN Expert forum and help us provide computation support services to the mathematics, science and engineering communities.

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